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Products - Lease Line

Internet Lease Line

A leased line is a fast permanent connection to the Internet from your office or network, giving you access to the Internet instantly. Leased lines come in different sizes dependant upon your needs with bandwidth from 64Kbps to 2Mbps


How will it benefit you? 
By choosing a leased line for Internet access, you actually become a part of the Internet itself. Fixed annual or monthly charges mean that no longer do you need to worry about Internet call charges, which allows you to budget more accurately. Email is delivered to your desktop instantly, orders from your e-commerce site will be delivered to you the moment they are placed, and downloads can be made in a split second. 


Why Infinity? 
Infinity offer you a fully managed service and unlimited technical support. Your leased line will be monitored 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and you will be guaranteed 98% uptime. Infinity's experienced sales team will always be available to give you the right advice for the right solution at the best price. 

How much support will you receive? 

Infinity provide full consultation and advice on security issues and products to protect your network. If you need help, our highly trained support team will be at hand to help you resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. So if you think you need a leased line or would like more information -  call Infinity on 5123456



Guaranteed 98% uptime

Fixed rate tariff with nothing else to pay makes budgeting easy .
Instant access to the Internet - no waiting for connection 
High bandwidth
Send and receive emails instantly without queuing 
Download from the Internet quickly
Connection to a fully switched redundant network with full backup and massive bandwidth capability 
Online bandwidth statistics
Status monitoring of your leased line 24 hours a day 365 days a year 
Consultation providing advice on security products to protect your network, and general advice 

No hidden fees or charges

Tariff for Internet Leased Line:


Internet Port (Kbps)

Installation and testing charges (Rs)*

Charges per month (Rs)* CIR 1:1

Charges per month (Rs)*  CIR 1:2

























* Plus service tax as applicable 

Terms and condition:


1.  One time charges are non refundable.

2.  All taxes as applicable would be charge at actual.

3.  Internal wiring if required will be done by the customer at his own cost.

4.  The customer is required to pay the Internet port rental charges monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly /annually in  advance.

5.  Uninterrupted power supply and surge protection to the equipment installed at customer premises will be provided by the customer.

6.  In case of (1:2) category of subscription the committed  thriughput will be equivalent to 50% of the subscribed bandwidth.


Discount structure:


  1. Loyalty discount from second year may be allowed @ 5%. 

  1. The discount slab for multi year subscription / service contract tenure are as given below:

 a)      Two years service contract :      5% discount on the list price
 b)      Three years service contract : 10% discount on the list price
 c)      Five years service contract :    20% discount on the list price


  1. SISL reserve the right to change /modify any traiff plan without prior intimation based on TRAI directives.

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