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ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows your existing copper telephone line to be used to provide a broadband Internet connection.


 Broadband Internet means you get the Internet speed higher than 256 kbps, which is more than 10 times faster than the normal dialup speed that you get through your existing phone line. ADSL provides always on Internet connection that remains on for 24 hours.


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Advantages of ADSL 

  •  High-speed "always on" connection. No Dialup, No waiting to connect to the net and no busy tones or disconnections. Just click and you get online and connected to Internet instantly.

  •  Use Telephone and Internet Simultaneously: talk on your phone and surf the net together. Never worry about missing any important call.

  • Down load music, videos and information with ultra fast speed 512kbps

  • 24x7 customer care support 

  • Truly a prepaid plan – pay for what you use! , no dial up charges, no monthly rentals etc.

  •  Cards available at convenient locations

  •  Great value for money

Why ADSL ?


Dial Up

ADSL - Broadband

Engaged telephone line while you surf on Dial Up

Telephone line is free while you surf on ADSL

Limited speed 30 -40 kbps restricts download  on Dial Up

Speed 512 kbps and more  on ADSL

Pay heavily for Telephone Dial up and Internet separately

No need to pay for Telephone Dial up for internet access

Chance of connection during peak hours is remote. Drawback includes disconnections, repeated dialing and blocked telephone line

Available when you need it. Easy to use, No dialing , no disconnections, Single click connection


ADSL Charges 

t is must that you should have a Rainbow wire line Phone at your premises. If you don’t then first you have to buy the rainbow wire line phone. Allotment of ADSL connection depends upon the feasibility. SIS will provide you an ADSL modem along with one splitter. The following are the installation charges for ADSL: - 


Amount (Rs)

ADSL installation charges  (One Time, Non refundable)


* Service tax as applicable



The services are available on pre-paid basis. To use the bandwidth you have to buy a prepaid card for which the details are as follows:

Bandwidth Category Plan Tariff (Rs)* Download limit validity Contention 
256 Kbps SOHO ADSL Economy 249 400MB 30 days 1:40
512 Kbps SOHO ADSL Silver 499 1GB 30 days 1:40
512 Kbps SOHO ADSL Gold 999 2GB 30 days 1:40
128 Kbps SOHO ADSL Unlimited 699 699 Unlimited  30 days 1:40
256 Kbps SOHO ADSL Unlimited 999 999 Unlimited 30 days 1:40

* Plus Service tax as applicable

Note : As per TRAI guidelines contention ratio should not more then (1:50).



Tariff Plan  ADSL Economy ADSL Silver ADSL Gold ADSL Unlimited 349 ADSL Unlimited 599 ADSL Unlimited 999
monthly commitment (Rs)* 249 499 999 349 599 999
Free Download/upload limit MB 400MB 1GB 2GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed  256 512 512 75 128 256
Additional usage charges per Mb (Rs)* 1.40 1.20 1.00 N/A N/A N/A
Contention Ratio 1:40 1:40 1:40 1:40 1:40 1:40

* Plus Service tax as applicable

Note : As per TRAI guidelines contention ratio should not more then (1:50)



Particulars ADSL Business ADSL Business Plus
Bandwidth Up to 512 kbps 512 kbps
Monthly Charges (Rs)* 2500 5000
Discounted Annual Payment Option to Customers (Rs)* 28000 55000
Download/ Upload Limit (GB) per month 10 GB 25 GB
Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/upload limit (Rs)* 0.8 0.6
Static IP Address (On Request) One One
Security Deposit 1 month rental 1 month rental
Minimum Hire Period Six Month Six Month
Contention Ratio 1:20 1:20

* Plus Service tax as applicable

Note : As per TRAI guidelines contention ratio should not more then (1:30)

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