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About us 

Shyam Internet Services is the leading name in the state of Rajasthan for quality internet services. The Shyam Internet Services is Category B ISP and part of SHYAM group. We are running internetservices in 111 cities with brand name " Infinity "

Infinity possess aggressive, hard core technical and loyal staff to satisfy your requirements and provide strong support 

Infinity is equipped with world class infrastructure, with dedicated Optic Fibre Cables, Digital Modems, Fully Automated Helpdesk, a Users-to-Lines Ratio conforming to global standards, and the promise of a Multi flavoured Internet Access.

In a short while, Infinity completely transformed the way Internet was perceived and experienced in Rajasthan. By continually introducing newer technologies and user privileges, the company made sure that our customers are always get the best.

What is more, Infinity changed the lives of all around, by spawning a host of other digital ISPs that followed the lead and created a highly competitive environment in Rajasthan, and turned Jaipur into India?s hottest ISP arena. And it brought endless benefits to the Internet user at large. 

Infinity has long grown out of its "Service providing" nature into a smart business partner, a proactive market catalyst for companies paving a new way to commerce and industry in Rajasthan 

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